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is. neil: more jobs on main street. more mony on wall street, man oh, man, we must be on easy street because everyone seems to be loving it. everyone that is except the folks who say they aren't seeing it, any of it, and they're mad and they're bitter and they're here an only here. welcome, everybody, i'm neil cavuto. fox on top of a economy that appears to be goldilocks, just right. not too strong, not too weak, good enough to keep the fed printing and jobs coming and unemployment rate dropping and keeping stocks humming and big business guys hoping. talk after cut in taxes for them. part after grand bargain that will supposedly benefit everyone and soon, eveone that is
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except small business guys who seem to be collectively asking, what about us? why have we been lt out of all this week's fun, guys? you can't blame them for being a little bitter, right? they weren't ones offered big tax cuts this week. they were not ones that were told their rates could be slashed to 25%. lot of them are stuck paying close to 40%. no one in washington offering them a break or so much as a bone. wonder why they are ticked and wonder why they are here and wonder why they want to vent. three of my favorite small business salt of the earth guys jumped at chance to set things straight a baker, caterer and pr executive. trying trying to make end meet and trying to figure out a washington that seems to forget they're even there. they're all with me now. i love these guys. david mack cart r at thursday, baker, butch soli and sll biz pr expert got fame housley in theig guy's face.
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patty bruglio. you have no fear with all the attention to the big guys and not you guys. what do you think if. >> i think it's a wrong. i'm for corporate america getting tax cuts. great for the big guybut problem is they're all c corps where most of us are s corp.s. so our revenue flows down individually. so we're tacked at individual rate. that is just wrong. if thegave us the tax cut we could go out and do things like re people and buy new equipment and invest in our business. but, no, they'reot going to do that. neil: a lost you pay at the top rate anyway, that top individual rate. that is almost 40%. you know, butch that it means, that in week we're handing out favorses and benefits and nice little promises and goodies, you got left o. >> when will it stop, neil? i'm afraid to open a newspaper. i read it about other day. i called my accountant. what does it mean for you?
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it means you're paying 12% less than you are. isn'that ridiculous. with 12% more mone hire two people with benefits all year long or p to work and buy more equipment. corpations doesn't need that. we need this. neil: small business accounts foremost of the hiring in this country and most of the economic activi. to patty's point, david, i don't mind certainly big business offer ad break, but it would be uncouple bent upon those in power to offer everybody a break. >> that would make the pying field levelings okay? small buness doesn't have lobbies in washington and who is big business, biggest competitor? small business. i don't know, neil. it's not a fair playground anymore. neil: so you think, that is interesting. you think this was deliberate act to sort of put you in a corner? >> who spend time on the golf course with the president? small business or big business? do the math. something's wrong. neil: who serves bakery products for both? that would be you, my friend. >> i thankou. we keep struggling to do it.
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but i mean this has gotten past the point, this guy during the election talks about small business being the backbone of america. small business being the people that are going to hire and do all the employment numbers. big business is the evil bad guy. big business needs to p more taxes. you know what? he gets elected what happens? this massive, backflip off the high dive. come o something going too deep here you know? it is like both patty and butch said. if i had that kind of money, what am i going to do? i'm going to buy equipment. i'm going to buy a new truck. i will give my people a raise. that money instantly goes back into the economy, the american economy. it doesn't gto big business. that is paying investors overseas that are taking ese huge pfi and going through loopholes to begin with and so frustrating you wouldike to put it all in a box, foldhe corners and go to work for somebody else. neil: man, o man. patty, this is interesting. it is same week a lot of workers were demanng that the minimum wage be doubled to $15.
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howould that affect you at your shop if you had to do that? >> well, you know what? we're going to start a whole country of just part-timeeople at the rate we're going because, you do that and then whats ing to happen? you can't afford to pay people. they tried this what, 20 years ago in denver. guess what happened? all th businesses said you go ahead and pass that. what we'll do is move out of the city of denver ande'll go into the s. this is ridiculous. i disagree with the fact that they are intentionally doing this to us. i think ther is such a huge disconnect in washington that it doesn't even occur to them because there is nobody up there who really understands business. so they, they don't care. i think they're giving them way too much credit. neil: there is lot what you say because when you talk about sort of the cluelessness doubling minimum wage for example, and thinking that, if you had to pay your workers that, it would be the same as mcdonald's paying that or burger king or wendy's
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as if you're all on even scale here. >> ridiculous. tough raise your prices to do that. it would take a way a whole group of people that couldn' work for anybody, students, coege kids. yore going to pay them double the minimum wage? how could you afford to have them? a whole group of people would have no jobs. neil: you see the market, butch, having a gre month of july, picking up steam in august. you know, the wind is seemily at the business's back. you still are facin the headwinds. why do people not know that? >> we don't know what to expect? we're out there flapping around. we don't know what will hitus. reduce the cost of taxes 28% what will it cost us? take away accelerated depreciation? will they raise the minimum wage? what is the deal with obamacare? we're like on holding pattern, wondering what will happen. neil: you reminded me about obamacare. david, that brings up a issue, a lot of big boys seen itelayed another year before they have to implement it. >> sure. neil: where and how are you affected by that? because the same does not apply
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to you. >> we, you know, we're at right now, we have right at 42, 4 employees right now, full-time. so we're under the 50 number. the one thing for sure is, we won't, if i can get some money to do some things what i won't do is open another store because now i'm going to be over the 50 number. neil: so you're doing everything you can, just to be clear, you're doing everything you can to keep under th number -- >> sure you do. neil: it will wallop you if you do, right? >> you have no idea. what it doesake your ability to have some control over your policy now to what the government's going to ll you 100% what your policy has to be. that policy sun affordabl at our rate of doing business. i think the is the same way with small business all over. but, you know, it is pathetic. here we have a law. let's pick and choose what parts of the law we want to pass, apply and when, state them. what a mess. you know, hear what patty said. it is pathetic to assume these
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people are this stupid. here i say maybe they do it on this purpose maybe i give them the benefit of the doubt to think they have a little it about of intelligence. they're the sam people that skipped out on economics or something. i don't know where it is going. neil patty, to your point, at very list they have a tin ear to a lot of your problems here. i'm thinking health care law, thinking what you're shop and trying to do. when i hear so many business types of all typ, o all sizes saying they are auay controlling the size of their workforce, because they don't want to hit a number that would compel them to offer health care or for that matter, to bite the bullet and pay a penalty, so because it's cheaper than offering them health care, me thinks we have some big ol' problems that go beyond just all business, guys. >> we've got a lot of unintended consequences that are going to come up. one of which, yes, people will not want to grow over 50 employees. oh, by the way they will not hire full-time employees anymore. they will hire 29 hour a week
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people so they don't have to pay them health care. we'll start a whole nation of part-time people. and then you sit there an then u say, also the uncertainty of, well, we passed this law but the president doesn't rlly like parts of the law, he doesn't have to follow it. he just says, you know, never mind. we're not going to arrest those, anybody who is here illegal and owe, by the way we'll put this off for another year with heal care, and so there's all this uncertaty. how can anybody plan because we don't know what he is going to do because the law doesn't apply to him. does what he wants. it is n right. neil: guys, i say the same thing when i end this, hang in there. seemsike an empty gesture. everyone else seems to ignore you. we want to keep your concerns front and kent r center. not just because david might get me a a free cake now and then te bottom line i appreciate and understand your frustrations. guys until next tme, be well. >> thanks, neil. >> thank you. neil: can you believe that. >> good to he sue, neil. neil: same here.
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meanwhile if benghazi was a phony scandal then, why is there a real security threat now? the state department closing foreign embassies across the middle east out of an abundance of caution, thanks to abundance of annoyg dig from this network and fox news over very same warnings they ignored then but apparently notaking lightly now. see if the government finally decided nothing phony about our questions or our non-stop digging.
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neil: this just in. something is up. we do not know the details. this much we do.3 the state department closing foreign embassies all over the middle east, responding to what we're told were some unspecified threats but sious enough that out of quote, an abundance of caion, you heard that before. well they'rehutting them down. got us thinking here. could ese have been the same threats, the same chatter and same noise we heard bfore the attacks on our benghazi compound 10 months ago? the attacks that left our ambassador and three others dead? the attacks whose timeline and pret much only fox relentlessly followed to understand how an administration could have missed all the signals, all th noise, or worse, blatantly ignored them?
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now such questioning was deemed sillily, even phony. nothing phony abouthis threat apparently, very real and alive an well in the middle east now. so what has changed since? what has changed now. let's ask lieutenant colonel bob mcginnis. colonel, what has chang now? >> obviously fox has exposed some terrible problems that we had and not defending our consulate. we have, we, our consulates and our embays is have been attacked all over the world at various times. tanzania and uganda back in '98 and of course more recently. we have probably some nsa intel, some sigint, there is some sort of collaboration among these franchise groups. it m have something to do with the end of ramadan this coming week and a variety of other activities. you know, they smell some blood in the water perhaps, some weaknesses that we have demonstrated. and now, out o abundance of caution, as you indicate, neil,
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we are going to close things down. and i suspect, what you probably will not see, but is happening, is we're staging forward, in the ropean and african area of operations as well as central commd. we have special opering fors ready to go to the aid of some of these embassies. you won't that out until something happens. neil: wish we had done that in benghazi but that is then, this is now. what is interesting about all the reports and you guys certainly knowar more than i do you by see the name al qaeda popping up again and again and again. >> isn't that interesting. neil: i want to know your take on tha >> this is very interesting because this is an opportunity for the state department to dig themselves out of hole that fox news and other media outle blown on this scandal. theact is, that if you look at the pss release, release by the sta department this time around they're not afrd to mention the name and words,
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al qaeda, and, you know, quite frankly, this is an opportunity for them, even if something doesn't happen, to say that they at least warned the american people that this was a possibility this time around. >> by the way we know it, at the very least, colonel, so much they're still not saying about benghazi about what happened and didn't happen and what chain of command knew and did not know but they were certainly loathe to mention al qaeda or even the word terrorist at that time. very difrent this time. what do you think changed? >> yeah, well benghazi. of course they had the al qaeda flag flying beforehand and all the indicators were there. we've become sensitized politically to how this can really bacire, neil. we saw what happened in algeria following the benghazi catastrophe. we've seen how egypt has imploded we've seen wt's happened in the negev, the sinai. we seen syria come apart, because, to a large degree, i would argue, we ignored it for 2 1/2 years. iraq is disassembling.
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of course iran is feeling its oatsith gard to, you know, how it is intimidated us, with the help of the russians in the med. one thing after another. this is sad. neil: i saw again images of berning of barack obama in effigy and rowdy extremist groups acting up in any one of variety of countries. they did the same to george bush and sure through the years a number about u.s. presidents. nothing cnges. noing changes. >> not a all. >> nothing ever changes. this is honestly just a ply f this administration to, like i said, dig them out of this hole because fox news and other media outlets hav been wling to blow the lid o this administration and lies they were tlling and honestly, i honestly think, that the work that fox news has done, we will find answer what is happened on benghazi. and this is just a media ploy by this administration to cover
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their tracks on their past mistakes. neil: iill give tip of the hat to the colonel here because he was a doubting thomas from the very beginning and refused to be silent on the matter. so the good that could have come out of it, colonel,he people at very least attuned to what you warned about. >> that's true, neil. what i hope now doesn't happen is that we don't put our young people, whether they're embassy or our young combatants at unnecessary risk. you know, these people we're fighting, we've been fighting for over a decade, they're killers. we should not hold fire when we know these people, you know, where they are, and we ought to pursue them, like benghazi people that are sti on the loose, that are probably going to stage another hit if given the opportunity in tripoli against that consulate. we know at love these people. we need to go after them. and we need to pursue them and until they're removed. neil: bottom line, they don't seem to li us. colonel, celia, always good seeing you. >> thank you, neil. neil: all be safe this weekend.
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neil: so this ishe face of a meltdown. fabrice tourre, is a spitting image after wall street that spit on the little guy. so says the government and now so says a federal jury finding the former goldma sachs trader defrauding investors by constantly misleading those investors and he aided and abetted companywide fraud by gold man itself that came crashing down during the financial crisis. now the goverent reportedly
6:22 pm
gog after bank of america to see what role it played bringing on the samerisis. no talk yet of going after folks that provided environment for them to do these awfully and wicked thgs brought on said crisis. congress, government, white house, treasury, fed. turned housing not into a goal but darn near birthright. is going after just bankers right? charles payne and melissa francis say something ain't right. melissa. >> there is so much blame to go around here. focu on traders final. maybe they did something wrong. how about people that filled out formssfor liar loans. what about banks didn't do due diligence that resold the loans. how about goldman sachs that repackaged and soiled them to the government. in some cases yes, and many charles, i remember the community reinvestment act. i watched as it wasebated.
6:23 pm
it was to get more people in homes. birth of no-loc loan, were housing you came something strove for but something hande to you. i'm not saying to, melissa's point i think is dead on there aree pnty culpable parties but th government and all its entities are a huge part of it. congress what it push ad big part of it. >> you create ad yucca mountain to put all these bad loans. can't have a b loan. banks n't create them unless they had someplace to put them. unless you had fannie mae and freddi mac. to your point, community reinvestment act when it started had good goals, but put on steroids by bill clinton ton. homeownership has gone up. ta about getting reelected f you tell the american public that homeownership gone up but bill clinton turned into something that became a beast, animal. it sucked up everything. banks, and it was a compromise with the banks. banks saying listen we understand you want us to invest in certain communities but what
6:24 pm
do we do with all the bad loans? don't worry we've got an idea for you. fannie mae, freddie mac we'll ange charters. most we'll dump in there. what you can't dump in there neil: i don't understand why five years later we're looking for culprit now. maybe pound of flesh to go after bank of america. the nextwave will be huge fines and rest. what dyou make of it? >> you hear all the time how many years after the financial crisis no one, no banker is in jail. neil: need that had on a stick. >> after everything tha happened. reallies son is you're the only one responsible for your financial future. you n't trust what the government is telling you and shoving down your throat. you can't trust a banker. can't rely on anyone. you have to understand finances. tough keep an eye on your own nest egg as if it is one of your own children. understa when does home ownership make sense for you and when does it not? value of the home will not go up fast enough to make it make sense for the cost. neil: for a while i did. >> yeah. neil: now woe have victim type of culture, you gotten intoh
6:25 pm
so many times, charles, everyone felt, wait a minute, se i earn $50,000 a year and getting 2 million-dollar mortgage, what's wrong with that? normal, reasonable, rational people would step back and realize, hey, i'm part of ts. >> back then we all felt like a real housewife of new jersey i ess. here is what people honestly did,eil. i know, this is dirty little secret about all of this, everne talks about the loans and rates went higher. >> yeah. >> maybe majority. i know over 50%eople defaulted before the rates en changed. the home will increase in value. i will get the raise in march. people rationalized themselves. gets back to melissa's point. about being honest with yrself and being accountable that is the thing we're allowing to go away, by only pointing to wall street and saying these are only ones -- neil: responsibility. >> take some responsibility and accountability becau the fact is most of the people went into knowing it didn't make sense on paper but thought they could make it wor
6:26 pm
>>bsolutely. i mysf made money in housing. i lost money in housi. we have to all look at consequences and look at potential there bere you make the investment and not just assume because you see the person across the street making money and your m you have to understand the details. neil: good point. we live in a society of victims. whole weight thing? thyroid condition. you remember i got into the middle of republican food fight between rand paul and chris christie turns out democrats have internal heart and soul battle going on, muchigger. who sleeping apart. things should never come to this. that is why i'm through the moon tpresent our latest innovation, tempur choice. iteatures an adjustable suppt system thacan be personalized with a touch of a button. so both of you can get the best sleep possible...together. goodnight love chickens. ...excuse my english, love birds..
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>> we'll have patch things up, if we can sit down, i'm inviting him for a beer anytime he would like to come down and sit down at the pub, right around the corner from the senate. neil: have you heard anything on that ensite? >> excuse me? neil: have you heard anything on that invite? >> it hasn't been formalized. i just thought of it. >>ust now. >> we'll formalize an put it in writing. neil: by now you know that chris christie turned down rand paul's invite for the bruschi. by now you know that everyone pounced on that tip as sign the republican party has a major war going on within its ranks. apparently not just republicans. growing iication as number of democrats are getting antsy, repelling against nancy pelosi urging them to pu benefits of health care law they think is a suicidal mission going into next year's midterm e election.
6:30 pm
so how big are these respective party squabbl? and does it really decide who settles them sooner? former arizona republican senator, jonyl, former north dakota senator, byron dorgan. senator doug began, i would like to goin with you. this nancy pelosi dust-up seems to get traction with members concerned they're on a walking off the plank thing with this health care law. are they? >> i don't think that's much of a story honestly. the story that i had read in one of the journal was about some frequenter men. freshmen come here. they're always nervous what they can or can't do. so you lose some freshmen votes on some things. nancy pelosi most cases had a pretty unified caucus on the big issues. neil: yaw, but this is unpopular issue, senator with a lot -- in the country the preside aid it is because republicans are constantly bemoaning the health care law but the fact of the matter i thk it is higher premiums are scaring off average americans.
6:31 pm
not so much what republicans saying about it. do those democrats, freshmen or otherwise to your point, have a point? >> in addition to some higher premiums in some areas, there are rebates to other consumers around the country. this is a big signature issue for the president. the fact is, this affordable care act or obamacare will be around for a while, probably it's permanent. as long as this president is in the white house. when t is implemented, much of thattthe next few years,t's going to be around for a long while in my judgment. neil: nator kyl, let me switch around to your party's woes and whether we're making too big of a deal on it whether security and privacy issues the like, it ems to opened up a wound within the party ming nce between the likes of rand paul and chris christie isn't changing. is this sort of like ap 1964 all over again for republins where you have the rockefeller liberals and the goldwater conservatives or their versions
6:32 pm
today going at it? >> well, both parties are groups of people who come together for common good but who may believe differently on some things. and as charles krauthamer pointed out in his very interesting column today in the washington post, this does go back a long way. i'm not sure to the 1960s as you have say. the has always been two strains for republican party. one for more interventionist policy, e less so. they came together afterhe cold war and 9/11. now that sometime behind us, not too big of a surprise that you would have that debate cropping up again. can i say one other thing about what byron said. think he is absolutely right and it is impmportant for folkso realize. you're most vulnerable electn is first time you stand for re-election. you better listen to constituents want to you do rather than leadership to do. you get elected couple more times u can startorking with leadership a little more. representative democracy is called for for a reason.
6:33 pm
your folks want you to represent them. neil: that is where it gets back, senator dorgan, this view about the health care law and what issue of role of government, another issue. i think for both parties what they're wringing with, how far the governme goes keeping us safe, democrats how far we go keeping us healthy. you get wt i'm saying that will be a big topic in 2014. who has the edge? >> well, it wi be a big topic. i don't think there is equivalency between the break in the ranks on the republican side versus the house side or excuse me the democtic side in the house. speaker boehner has a very difficult circumstance over there because he has a couple of grou in his caucus that feel very differently about these issues. but health care will be an issue in the coming election. most members of the democratic caucus having voted for it feel very strongly and also in positive way about this new piece of legistion. neil: let moo ask you, senator dorgan, you are very astute with the pluses and minuses and, it appears at the time, memory
6:34 pm
serves me right you read it and quite aware of it, rest of premiums could go up to e, and mighh go down, hope springs eternal i guess. but i don't think many of your colleagues were. i think they were actually and genuinely surprised that premiums have gone up to the degree they have. doctors are ticked off to the degree they are and they're nuinely now on defense and they don't know why. is i that bad? >> well, but let me again say americans are getting rebate checks from the insurance that. neil: i don't mean to dismi that senator. i don't mean to dismiss your int. look at average polls from gallup, cnn, "wall street journal," "new york times" what comes through loud and clear in all the polls americans are not liking it. >> they don't like the term in the aggregate. they like the specifics. keep the kids on insurance policy to 26. neil: i'm against that particular featureecause my daughter is not leaving, senator. go ahead. >> preexisting conditions. lifetime limits are gone. so, there are some really good
6:35 pm
things and people individually as, looking at policies -- neil maybe. but, you know, senator kyl, i'm wondering too, though do republicans riskn this battle, let's say over health care looking like obstructionists? all you do is we hate it we hate it, we want to defund it which appears to be going nowhe the defunding issue? at best you're looking like obstructionists. you're not coming up with alternatives and might equally tick off americans? >> look at the vote this week, 40 democrats, many freshman including my congresswoman, who voted with the republicans not o have the irs be thenforcement entity and make the mandate deferral for big business also apply to individuals s that they're treated fairly and you don't just defer it for a yr with respect to corporations. so, there are a lot of things about obamacare that are not popular. even democrats. i don't recal the exact vote, it was 30 or 40 democrats who
6:36 pm
left pell pell andoted with republicans on that, a lot of them freshmen. there is nothihing wrong with representing your constituents. what this is all about people don't like it. they don't like th irs. they're not that crazy about obamacare and why i was it a big surprise some democrats, pecially those more vulnerable are voting their constituents interest rher than nancy pelosi? il: can you understand why there seems to be rising interest, does happen a lot, third party, independent party, or alternative party? senator dorgan? >> well, again i think when the, affordable care act finally implemented i think it will have very broad support. neil: all right. >> no, i d't think there will be third party or independent party. i would li to see both politil parties find a way to work together. neil: will never happen. >> needs to happen. neil: i don't think it will. senator kyl, do you think there is legitimate chance a thi party could make a go o it or at least make inroads? >> no. i think one interesting thing is that the more libertarian stream
6:37 pm
of the republican party is represented by some of the leaders in the party now who themselves might be candidates for president. so if anything, i think y might see that argument brought in more internally into the republican party rather than a threat of a separate party out there on the right. >> i agree. neil: gentlemen, we shall see. voices of reason, both of you, thank you, guys. >> thank you. neil: forget the 162,000 new jobs added last month. focus on a certain sector adding only 1,000 of them and rejoice.
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
neil: kicking off our blitz, the government taking it on the chin. only one thousand government jobs were addedo the economy last month in an overall economy that added 162,000 jobs the same month. government used to be a leader in these monthly jobs gains but
6:40 pm
not anymore. in fact over the last year or so, virtually not at all. to gary b. smith and keith fitz-gerald whether this is the best blitz news of the day maybe the week. gary b., what do you say? >> i think you summed it up right before the break, neil, this is a reason to rejoice. look, i think almost any job we add to the goverent sector is inefficient job that causes red tape r the private sector. so one thousands great. i'm only -- my only question is what happened to the sequester? why are we adding any js? shouldn't it have been a negati number? i would hope so. neil: that's right, i forgot about that little sequester thing. keith, what do you make of all this? >> i'm totally with gary and want to jump up and down, a. a, it is about time and b, why isn't it negative and see questions it working. get to the point where they're shedding money and put it back into the public where it
6:41 pm
belongs. neil: if this were russia would count as government job. ed snowden getting job offer from russia's social media company, their facebook, if you will. weird talk about a guyho knows how to collect data, gary b., so i wouldn't imagine that weird. what do you think? >> first of all i learned something. i didn't know there was a russian facebook. neil: it is called febookkie. >> it speaks to a broader issue. we gave $2 billion to russia hopefully to improve t relationship. look how well that worked out. this whole thing is awful. think he is a criminal and russia should turn him back over to the u.s. neil: don't hold your breath for that one. keith at do you think about? >> i'm in theame bolt. the guy is a patsy and will do whatever russian intelligence wants him to do. this issue speaks how russia treating united states and speaks to our internal standing and putin thumbing the nose at
6:42 pm
th country. dare you to do something bit? what will president obama do at this point. we can't fly over and collect him but i think we'll try. neil: do we do tit-for-tat, ga b.? skip out on the g20 meeting in russia later this year or skip out on their olympics in the winter? what do you any? >> well, yes, one, i think we should do is but two, i can't be overt as olympics t has to be something more subtle and dare say devious. i hopefully we have some smart ople working in lappingly and other places thinking about those things. neil: what do you think, keith? is that what we've got to do, get mean, devious? >> boy, i'm not a political expert, i wish i was and would like to have answers. i don't know what to me of this. i would love to get him back. i think he's a criminal. this boosts social cause of rock star lkers. i don't want to see the next one. >> we'll put.
6:43 pm
issue 3, gentlemen, rolling not so stoned. apparently controversial cover of the magazine featuring the boston bombing suspect was worth the heat. it heated up newsstand sales, more than 13,000 rolling stone flying off the shelves, double the average. hmmm. keith controversy sells i guess? >> you know what controversy may sell but personally i'm disgusted by the cover. i'm an athlete. i run aross many a finish line. i don't want to have to go across glamourizing terrorist. this is hiding behind thedea of journal listic integrity when the harder stand is protecting freedom. neil: gary b. >> i'm with keith on this from the past discussions i'm ultimate capitalist. from mcdonald's let them zealoussy junk food. let tv networks put on terrible shows but in this case, bully for "rolling stone" for findi a way to increase sales. on the other hand, pathetic. how do they know they wouldn't have made just as much money and
6:44 pm
putting sales by putting victims on the cover? i think this is poor business decision. neil: very interesting. i bet they could have gotten more. gentmen, thanks. have a safe weekend. >> you too. ne: forget about china hacking into computers. worry more about the fbi hacking into, yours. [ male announcer ] if you're taking multiple medications, does your mouth often feel dry? a dry mouth can be a side effect of many medications but it can al lead to tooth decay and bad breath. that's why there's biotene. available as an oral rinse, toothpaste, spray or gel, biotene can provide soothing rief, and it helps keep your mouth healthy, too. remember, while your medication is doing you good, a dry mouth isn't. biotene -- for people who suffer from dry mouth. it's delicious. so now we've turned her toffee into a business. my goal was to take an idea and make it happen.
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6:47 pm
neil: our phone cause, our emails, our chat rooms. make room rhe ultimate hack attack, courtesy of our, fbi. what has t be surveillance on steroids, reports that the fbi is rounding up innocent guys in a dragnet to catch the bad guys. that's right, hacking into all sorts of high-tech communications to catch criminals and god knows what acts, and if you're dragged into the manhunt, so be it, live wit
6:48 pm
deal with it. privacy advocate katrina pierson said, by the way you haven't heard the half of it. this is amazing to me. how does that happen? >> you know, neil, this is absolutely astounding. every day we are hearing more and more about how much time, energy and resourcesrom our federal government are spyin on people like you and me. i don't know what's more disturbing. the fact that i'm being spied on or the simple fact that our borders are still insecured. after a 9/11 mentality which is what our government uses to tell us why they have to do these things, we still have a border that is porous. this is astounding and ielieve we're mourning the death of the people's republic of the united states as we speak. neil: well you know, it comes in a week as you know, katrina, we got indications nsa was snooping, not just on phone calls. it was emails, chat rooms, where we go and search on internet. there was so much of information they could only store it so
6:49 pm
long there are not enough terabytes or whatever you call them to. they have to sift through the important ones. they had a lot to sif through. we get the fbi separately has sort of this wide net it cast on presumably bad guys but you know, also getting caught up a lot of good guys because direct or indrectly, they might be on the same link, the same url or whatever. where does it stop? >> well, i mean that's the thing. we don't know what information they're keeping and whose information they're purging. they could be creating a dossier on the average person for future use. 're seeing all this play out as we speak. i'm in full agreement with the civi liberties union. the simple fact we need to have this debate. we nd to reinvestigate the patriot act and consequence of these things that our government is pushing upon the american public. and i believe, 2014 is the time. these issues can come up in a midterm election and really shape the debate of what our country is going to look like in
6:50 pm
the future for us and our children behind us. these kid, might be receiving e-mails or text messages and clicking on the link simy because they don't know what it is. they could be building case on our children to use against us or them in the future. we don't know. we don't know what guidelines they're using, if any. we don't know who is being purged w need to know as americans what is being discussed and talked about among individuals simply because we're obably all going to receive a letter from the military industrial complex assigning as you caseworker. we need to get a grip on things. neil: what do you make the battle in the republican party someone like christies, it is about preventing us preventing 9/11 endorsing these programs but rand paul says not at expense of surrendering all our liberties. where do you stand on this. absolutely, rand paul is 100% right on the topic. how do we call a free people if we're prisoners to the state? my congressman, pete sessions is
6:51 pm
one of those republicans who loves t nsa stuff. he calls himself the drone guy. he is one of the authors of the drones. he is not opposed to having armored vehicles in all citie so these are the types of thin we need to identif we have cgressmanwho have been in congress for decades who simply don't kw what they're there to do anyre and time that we remd them what they're supposed to be doing and for whom they're working for. we can do that in a very clear way in 2014. neil: katrina, thank yovery much. good words of warning by the way. katrina pierson in dallas, texas. when empty-nesters that sign the economy is running on empty? [ horn honks ]
6:52 pm
[ male announcer ] once in a ile, everything falls into perfect harmony. [ engine revs ] and you find yourself in exactly the right place atthe right time.
6:53 pm
just be sure you're in the right car when it happens. the 201c-class sports sedan. power, performance, and style in total alignment. neil: well you know, more adu kids than ever are refusing to leave the nest. they're making it their nest and increang their nest for life because more than one out of three young people are still living with mom-a-pop.
6:54 pm
some not so young. up to 31 years of age. that is a lot of normans in the basement. a sign this economy is going psycho? ask jo ling kent and steve lazear and jean marsh. what do you think? >> a lot of factors, confluence of things. rising education costs. really difficult employment situation. parents who are willing to have their kids live at home. kids willing to live with their parents. this up tick has gone from 32 to 36 i find all this interesting this is coming together and more and more people are living at home. somethin when i graduated from college i ran far away to china. but, it's something that has become -- neil: taking a bit of a leap there. i told my daughters the poconos would be a start. >> it is becoming very socially acceptable. thk there is somethingrong with the whole entire structure of education and unemployment. neil: gene marks? >> i have to say, this is,
6:55 pm
personally, i have three kids that just graduated high school. all 12th graders, twins and one 11 months older. don't even ask. they're all going to college next thr weeks. our plan is to lock the doors and move to canada. there is no chance moving in at all. they won't find us. that solves the problem. really, in all seriousness, look our expectations as parents when kids are going to school, they will graduate at agef 22. 25 to 40% of those kids go on to graduate school. a lot come back and do have to live at home. it is new reality in 2013, kids when they graduate from college they sll need help from their parents in some way. some can afford to set their kids up to give them a little cash to liven their own. others the kids have to move home. it's a slow economy. i'm not seeing that change the next four or five years. kids have to get skills somehow. they have to get job training. parents are helping out. neil: my daughter i among them and seven or eight years old. and she isn't leaving.
6:56 pm
love you, honey. steve, when you look at this trend haseen increasing through republican and democratic administrations the like, but it does bespeak of something bigger in the economy. what is isn't. >> i think, i agree with just about everything jo ling and ma said. the one thing we need to worry about, i think these young kids are alst the canary in the coal mine so to speak when it comes to wages. wages have been dropping steadily 45 years since 1968. i'm not blaming democrats and republicans. i think they're both equally responsible. kids are getting entry level jobs. salaries are low. poison of high student loan debt. these folks can't make it on their own. they have got to move back at home. a lost these kids are working. they can't pay rent. theyan pay food and evything else on their own. they're having to move back in. i think we have to be worried about,hat the situation. >> you've also got to look at education system as well. i know a lot of kids going to school. they graduate really not prepar for the workforce. i can't hire a lost kids out of college because they don't have
6:57 pm
the skills i really need for them to do a specific job. so there are two kinds of -- in philadelphia, for example -- neil: maybe you're too picky. why don't you hire them. >> in philadelphia, for example, there is decks sl university. they have a co-op program, during the period in college they're working half the time and going to school. that is the kind of thing colleges have to do to prepare kids for the workfor. otherwise they will not be making much money out of college and have to live at home until they get experience to be on their own. neil: i remember, jo ling, in the italian culture, go back to italy or other side of me that is irish, you g back to the families, quite common and remains quite common the child marries moves in with the spouse. boy that would be a nightmare in my family. butthe bottom line is, it is not alien to other cultures to have this. the japanese to mind. many cultures in europe. it is a phenomenon built up steam here for other reasons but is it such a bad thing? >> it is different now because the marriage rate among young people keeps on declining,
6:58 pm
rit? just as the rate for having kids continues to decline or gets older. so i think that, a lot of students coming out of four-year universities are thinking i can go out there to achieve my dream and go for what i want. that is it what they have grown up, been told growing up. but it is increasingly difficul% in this difficult economy. something else very interesting to see in the study by pew research is theender breakdown as well. you see mo young men living at home actually. neil: yes. >> than young women. neil:on't get sexist on m. don't get sex it on me. >> that is not a good sign. >> saying it is a interesting sign of not oy employment and educational structure but, what is, what is acceptable and i think sometimes you have to fall on hard types to realize what has to be done. sometis you have to learn the hard way. neil: it breaks down to the degree she said, steve. what does that say about us and our gender? >> it says something not so good things about our gender i think also, that will reinforce the fact people are not getting married.
6:59 pm
if you can't live on your own, offer that to your spouse, who will want toary you. neil: unless both are working right? >> that's been the trend since the '80s, right? you needed two salaries to survive. i'm rried thatt is getting worse than that. i think we'll see more common like latin america and italynd place like whe more than kids and parents have to start move in together to make ends meet. that's what i'm worried about. >> all i know if my boys come home after college withhe gatorade bottles and sneakers laying around i will kill myself. >> you but love them. neil: i want to know their ages because i did mention my daughter. but is something we can talk abou later, gene. steve, i want to thank you. jo ling. she has been going to 3:00 in the morning. doing earnings reports on "imus" andrior. >> happy to be he as always. neil: some unwith you won't find at homeating bons and wait for the job. remember we're halfway through earnings season and so far,
7:00 pm
bumpy but still pretty remarkable. we're going to be all over that. see you then. ♪ ♪ >> the president is out giving a series of speeches to his state concern of lack of jobs. most of his ideas are nothing new but his grand bargain he outlined lower taxes on corporations after raising taxes on small business owners. we're talking does the president really know what it takes to grow the economy, right here and right now. >> tom: thanks for joining us. here is at the top of the stack. we are all routing for job growth but you can't grow jobs unless the economy grows. it's growing but not enough to give employers a reason to hire. most economists think the econ

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